Matea Kulic

Greater Vancouver A-20130708-00141
What genre are you in?


What inspired the piece you submitted to emerge?

Well, in a word – Baba. The piece I submitted is an excerpt of a larger work dedicated to a “conversation” between my grandmother and “myself.” I use quotations because the text is closer to a projection of a female character exploring her roots, questions surrounding the female body and inherited trauma, knowing she very well cannot get a response from the real life Baba. It departs from a purely non-fictional account to include embedded poetry and fictional scenes which allow for a hybridity in the text.

Where can we read more of your stuff?

How has your writing process changed since starting TWS?

Since starting TWS I feel I have become a more careful reader. Entering poetry has not always been easy for me and I discovered the nature of waiting and allowing a text to unfold. One of our earliest classes on the RPM’s of writing changed my process greatly. I decided to let loose the ‘free write’ and not put on my editor’s hat until the final stage. This approach has allowed me to be far less critical and enjoy the process of just seeing the way words fly out on the page. Even if they don’t sound so ‘literary’ there is often a nugget of surprise in store.


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