Karen Faryna

Karen Faryna (1)

What genre are you in?


What inspired the piece you submitted to emerge?

I had an epiphany one day, years ago, that the reason I was discontent was because I had given up on my dreams and had settled into a practical, stable lifestyle devoid of creativity and magic. The time had come to “break the cake” and to resurrect those dreams of mine, which I have thankfully done, hence, TWS.

Where can we read more of your stuff?

Look for my future novel in the sci-fi-mystery-thriller-self-help-humour section of Chapters. In the meantime, I plan on submitting to literary journals and writing contests, so who knows?

How has your writing process changed since starting TWS?

I now write my first drafts with complete abandon of self-criticism and afterwards figure out what (the heck) they are. Then, I use the tools I have learned from all the wonderful instructors, mentors, and fellow writers to construct them into the best versions of themselves.


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