Tahmeena Ali

What genre are you in?


What inspired the piece you submitted to emerge?

My “real” job and a busy stretch of work in January 2013 where I was inspired by some patients I encountered at the hospital.

Where can we read more of your stuff?

To be determined – currently the only people who have access to my writing are my non-fiction writing group colleagues!

How has your writing process changed since starting TWS?

I embrace the fluidity of the first draft and don’t try to stop it. I also appreciate the many layers to the editing process and find that I enjoy it much more than I previously thought. I usually inhale novels: at one point in my life, I was reading 2 or 3 a week – now the volume of pleasure reading I do is much less, but I am a much more critical reader than I was before. And I appreciate a great piece of writing all the more since I know first hand the care and attention it takes to produce a thoughtful piece of writing.


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