Danielle DeMi

What genre are you in?


What was your inspiration for the piece you submitted to emerge?

My inspiration for the emerge piece was love. I know, I know, how broad can you get? More specifically, I mean re-visiting love you’ve lost. We all do it: visit, or re-live those can’t-breathe-can’t-sleep moments and wonder what went wrong. I’m not sure if we do it to torture ourselves or to become closer again to the person we lost- either way I was doing that a lot.

The strange thing was the memory I was most fond of re-living (my very first camping trip) was, in retrospect, extremely terrifying and disappointing in a lot of ways, yet I saw it as a triumph- a conquering: we could get through anything. I started re-visiting the work I had produced during that time, and my dream journal and found some disturbing foreboding, as well as exceptionally brazen (for myself) declarations of love, repeatedly throughout. The discovery of this bizarre paradigm was my inspiration for “I Knew.”

Where can we read more?

TWS has shattered my writing walls, and, therefore, really expanded my writing pallet. I have yet to launch any of my newest explorations into the public, but (hopefully) I will work up the courage and do so soon.

How has your writing process changed since starting TWS?

Writing had always been very secondary to me, as a Dancer and Choreographer I tend to explore my thoughts and emotions through movement. However, I had trouble articulating, or even discovering, what I wanted to say without words – words are my butter, and as Julia Child said “there’s nothing better than butter!”

TWS has brought writing to the forefront of all my artistic endeavours, and given me the tools to decipher my own work with much faster turn-over and the confidence to do so. It has also given me an exceptional writing network (I’m afraid I’m rather dependant actually) that I hope will be long term confidantes.

The importance of community for a writer was never prevalent to me before. Now I don’t just see the necessity but require it. My peers are like an extension of myself, their feedback is invaluable and I can’t imagine producing anything efficiently without them.


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