Cary O’Malley

Cary O'Malley (1)

What genre are you in?


What inspired the piece you submitted to emerge?

I submitted 5 poems. I tried to make the selection as varied as possible.

Where can we read more of your stuff?

Come over to my house and I’ll make you tea and give you crumpets and shower you with my poems.

How has your writing process changed since starting TWS?

My writing has changed as I’ve tackled new subjects. I would never have expected that I’d write a 4 page poem about the death of a werewolf. I’ve also changed my writing by experimenting with different styles. I especially like the prose poem format and have used it a lot lately. I like putting more humour into my pieces. I also think I’m getting a better grasp on the format for my memoir, but the proof of that is still in the pudding.


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