What’s this about?

About emerge

This blog will showcase  as an amuse-bouche of what is to come in the emerge anthology in October. emerge is an annual anthology published by the The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University’s Creative Writing Program (CPW). It is published in two formats: trade paperback and ebook

CPW operates as a non-profit publisher, with the aim of introducing students to the process and business of book publishing. Currently, CPW has 14 titles in print and is an Associate Member of the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia.

Mission Statement

emerge showcases the best of the Writer’s Studio’s current cohort’s writing, which includes poetry, fiction, speculative and YA fiction, and narrative non-fiction. Our goals are threefold:

  1. To introduce our students to the process of book publishing, including the aspects of editing, production, marketing and sales.
  2. To introduce our readers to our newest writers.
  3. To raise the public profile of The Writer’s Studio.

emerge showcases the best of our current cohort’s poetry, fiction, and narrative non-fiction writings.

For more info (important dates, links, and information on the wonderful production team), head on over to emergetws.wordpress.com.


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